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Our Services

1) Lean Transformations

2) Targeted Improvements

3) Workshops

4) Lean Certifications


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- 75% Wait Time Reduction

- 625% Cycle Time Reduced

- 37% Inventory Reduction

- 50% Work Space Increase


See Success Stories for details. 

More About Lean

Learn more about Lean Manufacturing and the difference between traditional and lean methods:


1) Lean Defined

2) Lean Tools

3) Lean versus Traditional


To learn more see

Lean Manufacturing

LeanConsultingWorks, LLC, Lean Consulting

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LeanConsultingWorks, LLC - Lean Consultant, Terry Norris


Welcome!  My name is Terry Norris; I am a Lean Consultant and the owner and founder at LeanConsultingWorks, LLC.  Please allow me to introduce myself in this short video


LeanConsultingWorks, LLC is a lean manufacturing consulting company that provides on-site lean consulting and training for manufacturers, health care providers, service industries (all types: insurance agencies, auto repair, banks/credit unions, call centers, administrative functions, etc) aerospace industry, government institutions and construction companies.


Services range from enterprise-wide lean transformations to targeted improvements to various lean workshops and lean certifications.


Why Choose LeanConsultingWorks, LLC, Lean Consulting?


My approach in itself is simple and lean. I will work with teams to develop a clear, strategic roadmap for incorporating lean methodologies.  This roadmap will allow clients to realize a larger and faster return on investment by making the most efficient use of time and resources. 


20 + Years of Proven Experience: Successful lean transformations are hugely profitable, but (as with anything worth doing) come with challenges.  My consulting, management and leadership experience, along with a focused approach, will help prevent or significantly reduce many of the common roadblocks and pitfalls your company will face.  


Guarantee: You Have little to lose and MUCH to Gain: My guarantee is simple; if you are not satisfied with my services I will remove the consulting fees from the invoice. Period. 


Focused Lean Professional: Many management consulting firms tack on lean as one of the dozen or so services they provide. The continuous study and practice of lean philosophies and methodologies is exclusively what I do. Why is this important?  Because this focus allows clients to garner positive results faster and more efficiently.  


Skills Transfer: The only way for a company to truly become lean and sustain improvements is to develop its own internal lean professionals.  Without a plan, it is easy to become dependent on lean manufacturing consultants from lean manufacturing consulting firms.  It is not my goal to make you dependent on my services, but rather independent through lean training and mentoring at all levels.


What Type of Results Should You Expect?


See below for some of the typical results you would expect to see as a result of a successful lean transformation:


Significant Increase in:


- Productivity

- Usable Space

- Flexibility

- Employee Morale / Safety

- Customer Satisfaction

- The Bottom-Line!


Significant Decrease in:


- Lead times

- Work in Process

- Defects and Reworks

- Inventory

- Breakdowns and Changeover Times


See Lean Success Stories for more specific information.


Getting Started


If you would like more information please contact me for a free consultation. I will explain my services, what you should expect from a lean transformation and answer any of the questions you may have.  With the assistance and mentorship of a professional lean manufacturing consultant, lean tools can (and do) work well in multiple environments. See below for a brief list of the industries that have successfully applied Lean. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and hope to soon become your preferred choice of lean consulting companies.


Lean Tools and Methodologies Work Well in the Following Industries:


- Manufacturing
- Hospitals and Health Care

- Service Organizations

- Insurance Agencies

- Banks and Credit Unions
- Construction Industry
- Government Institutions

- Educational Institutions
- Office and Administrative Environments


Already Started on a Lean Journey and Need Some Assistance?


As part of my services I offer to help companies that have started on a lean journey, but could use some assistance getting back on track. The application of lean methodologies should be helping your company make significant process improvements. If this isn't the case I encourage you to re-focus and not abandon the effort; I will help you get your lean program back on track as quickly as possible using the least amount of resources and time.  




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